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Our donors and sponsors not only support us with financial means, but also in a personal respect. The foundation the donors and sponsors make up is essential for our existence. Will you join us?

Considering to support our musicians during this difficult time? Donate at Holland Baroque Society NL46RABO0156121891, BIC code RABONL2U, with 'Support musicians' as the message. More information.

Baroque is now! That is Holland Baroque's motto. Become our friend and support our beautiful, daring, innovative, and creative projects. This way you ensure that baroque is also in the future.Are you curious about what we will do with your contribution? We use it to be able to give special concerts, rent rehearsal rooms, bring international musicians to the Netherlands and also save for a number of new instruments. Are you in?Holland Baroque has an ANBI status, which can give you a tax benefit.

- Holland Baroque Friend
Become a friend of Holland Baroque and experience more. As a friend, you will be the first to know about our concerts and new CDs, as well as receive invitations to try-out concerts. In addition, you make an indispensable contribution to Holland Baroque. You can be a friend starting from 50 euros per year!

- Holland Baroque Best Friend
From 250 euros a year you are a best friend of Holland Baroque. As a best friend you will receive all the benefits of being a friend as well as two free tickets for a concert of your choice. You also receive the unique collector item: the Holland Baroque design bag.

From 150 euros or more, we are happy to create a private agreement with you for a period of five years, so that you can make optimal use of the tax benefits of the Grant Act. You can complete the Donation Tax form online via the Tax Office site each year. You will find the written form here.

As a company, you can make an important contribution to the success of Holland Baroque. Help shape the future of Holland Baroque by establishing a connection with us.

- Holland Baroque Partner
From 1,000 euros your company can be a partner of Holland Baroque. You will receive invitations for try-outs, and two tickets for 3 concerts, including the Christmas concert. You can also order our CDs and other merchandise with a substantial discount. We will mention your company name on the website, if you want of course.

- Holland Baroque Sponsor
Do you feel warm-hearted towards Holland Baroque and would you like to invite your business partners or staff members to concerts? As a sponsor you receive the benefits of a partner, and you always receive 4 tickets for the concerts and try-outs. You can also reserve the best seats through us. You are also very welcome to visit our seasonal presentation in the spring. Your company name will be on the website. You can be a sponsor from 2,500 euros.You can also do something else! Do you like surprises, just like Holland Baroque? For your business partners, staff, or customers? We are happy to help you think about your event, congress, or exhibition and talk about how we can contribute musically. To discuss this, please contact our business director Luuk van Geffen.

To register or to inquire more information, please send an e-mail to or call our business director Luuk van Geffen: / 06 17 92 14 18.
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