Make an important contribution to Holland Baroque through your donation or legacy. Every contribution, large or small, is welcome.

You can choose to make a one-off or a periodic donation with an agreement or notarial deed. With a periodic donation, the tax benefit is usually the most advantageous. You can also choose to set up a foundation. You will of course be personally involved in the spending of your fund.

Leaving a Musical Gift for the Future
The most forward-looking, and for many, most beautiful way to support Holland Baroque and its musical ambitions is to include Holland Baroque in your estate. Every legacy is more than welcome and helps to maintain Holland Baroque’s continued contact with the world through concerts. By drawing up a will, you determine what happens to your legacy. If the music of Holland Baroque is dear to you, and you find it important that it is preserved and further developed, consider including Holland Baroque in your will. This can be done in different ways:

A legacy is a gift described in your will, as an amount or percentage of your estate.

Holland Baroque as (joint) heir
Holland Baroque can also be named heir or joint heir, in addition to children, relatives, friends, and other charities.

Personal Wishes
We are happy to help you formulate your wishes and ideas. Possibilities of inheritance, so that your personal wishes can be realized, are also possible. It is common to set up a foundation in your own name, which we can offer you as well. In consultation, we also offer the possibility of involving heirs in Holland Baroque. Certainly in the case of a Named Fund, a lasting relationship in which music plays the connecting role can be built.
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